We Major

  We’re not the MINORity There ain’t nothing minor about people of Color because we are the Fathers and Mothers of Civilization Yet, it’s harder for us to gain an occupation, education and… Continue reading

Parish Press Coffee shop

Common Place

Garden. (Ruston, La.)

Watermelon Festival (Farmerville, La)

A Love Story

      Through my eyes…love.

“Real” Love.

I’ve only lied to you a few times, but it was all to make you fall in love with me. Forgetting what I said in the beginning, your memory was as good as… Continue reading

Be YOUnique!

I’ve been inspired to shed light on a certain situation, or perhaps an epidemic. Seems as though I’ve watched or even been apart of various masquerades where women and girls have hidden their… Continue reading

Defining Growth (Poem)

Why can’t you just walk away? It could all be so simple if you leave things where you left it. There is no definition, explanation or fancy remark, that can replace my feelings….let… Continue reading

Summer 2k14

Everyday of this summer  I remind myself of a few things. Think Less, feel more. Frown Less, smile more. Talk Less, Listen More. Judge Less, Accept more. Watch Less, do more. Complain Less,… Continue reading

Welcome to My Generation

Welcome to My Generation.